Im Charging My Car With A Battery Charger

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Im charging my car with a battery charger… my question is should i start the car before or after i disconnect the cables???

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    1. psychopiet says:

      doesn’t matter.

    2. Angel Lee says:

      I believe before.

    3. ??Mrs. Rose?? says:

      Either way. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s charged long enough to start it or else it will drain the battery more and you will have to wait longer.

    4. sporty_blue321 says:

      I usually do it after

    5. everythingspeachy2000 says:

      You can try it before…then when started disconnect it. Let it run a bit before shutting it off again though…let the battery charge up with running the engine.

    6. pedro7of9 says:

      disconeck first…and you r charging the battery not the car…[sorry couldent help myself]

    7. BuH-LeEN-DuH.! says:

      after it is done chargn, plz

    8. mr.sanders says:

      Depends on the charger. If the charger has a boost option and will put out more than 60 amps, then use that setting to try and crank the car over. If it’s a slow charger. (2amp-40amp) then it’s better to disconnect it. A slow charger may burn up if you leave it connected while starting.

    9. Jeremy S says:

      How big is the charger? If it is a small unit, say 12″x12″x6″. This will take at least an hour to charge, follow the directions as prescribed by manufacturer. In any case, car can be started before or after disconnecting cables. I like to start while connected. Good luck!

    10. Devin says:

      It won’t hurt anything I just did 5 minutes ago doesnt do anything at all

    11. [email protected] says:

      Depending on the type of charger and if you can leave on overnight it really doesn’t matter. However, starting a car is the single biggest drain on a car’s battery so leave the charger on as long as possible and plan to drive your car upon starting. An idling engine does very little to charge a car’s battery.