If Your Alternator Is Going Out In Your Car Or Truck, What Will It Do To The Performance Of The Vehicle

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I go to start me truck and sometimes it wont start. I disconnect the battery cables and rehook them back up and it fires up. Also, as I’m driving, and the a/c is on, when I go to stop the engine idles down so low, it acts like it wants to die. Sometimes it will. Gas guage fluctuates. Also the battery terminals seem to corrode up real fast. Any suggestions. Thanx
I have replaced the idle control valve plus every other sensor and and replaced plugs, wires, rotar, distributor cap twice. I’ll try the battery wires(Neg & Pos.) I believe everything is new except those and fuel pump, and alt. I’ll let ya know. Thanx for your help.

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    1. Darkchild says:

      Could be the alternator or the battery. Usually your local auto supply stores will test these for you free of charge. Good luck.

    2. Zack says:

      it could a bunch of things, so you know for sure its the alternator? it could be the battery the cables could be corroded themselves. if something is touching the terminal on the battery it could be discharging, there are a lot of things that could be wrong.

    3. Jacob P says:

      Everything that you described is what happend when your alternator goes out. The alternator powers your ac and recharges your battery. So you can start your vehicle, so you need to replace it.

    4. boynxtdoor12345 says:

      it could be a number of things. . might be a bad ground. usually the signs when Ur alternator goes out is when u don’t have ur foot on the gas all ur lights start to dim and even blink and ur engine idles very low and die.

    5. smogman says:

      if your alternator was bad , then unhooking the battery terminals and reinstalling would still not start the car , as the battery would still be undercharged to start the car , you have a battery terminal problem , the corrosion creates excessive resistance in the wires thus creating the no start condition , replace both the battery cables before replacing the alternator, also the reason the car idles low when the ac is on , is because your idle control valve is not compensating when you command the ac on, that is either a bad idle control valve , or the signal to the idle control valve when the ac is on is not working

    6. spoornetspanner says:

      Its going to affect your battary ,not starting,and no lights can be used.