I Want To Upgrade My Amps But I Need To Know If A New Battery Would Help.

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Everything is stock in my car except my sound system to begin with. I am currently running a Sony Xplod 1000Watt amp. It has two 30 amp fuses. At its max volume it would make my headlights dim a little until i bought a 1.6 farad cap. After that there was no dimming. But I am disappointed with the performance of it. I want to upgrade to the Power Acoustik TS1440-2 amplifier. But it has two 40 amp fuses. I know that my cap wouldn’t really help with that many amps drawn. If i got a heavy duty battery, like one that puts out around 1000 amps, would that stop my headlights from dimming. (any other type of battery anyone could mention would help too) I would not listen to it loud for maybe 20 min periods at a time. So would a good battery help me out or would i need to up my alternator to. Since i listen to it quiet about 75% of the time wouldnt that give time for my battery to recharge? Help please.

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    1. Jason says:

      Go for a new battery. A really powerful one. btw I don’t have this prob. with my Xplod

    2. bl_arias says:

      To be honest a new battery will only help you if you listen to the system while the vehicle isn’t running or if your current battery is bad. The TS1440-2 isn’t that strong of an amp, its only rated at 720 rms bridged. Your 1.6 farad cap should be okay, but upgrading to a 2 farard would benifit you or even just adding a second capacitor. These will help you more while the vehicle is running. But if you still want to go with a new battery then go with Optima Yellowtop, Deka Intimidator, Kinetic, or SVR Car batteries. I’m currently running a Kicker ZX1000.1 and ZX350.4 in one of my vehicle with a stock battery and alternator, with 3 Tsunami 1.2 farad capacitors and I have no electrical problems what so ever. No dimming lights, voltage readout at amps is 14.4 (14.0-14.4 when slammin the system), but I don’t slam the system when my car isn’t running, because it will eat up the battery after a while. Hope this helps.

    3. jparkdzg says:

      the reason your headlights were dimming is because you had your gain level set incorrectly on your amplifier. gain is *NOT* a volume control. if you had the gain set too high, then the voltage sent out by your head unit isnt matched with the voltage put by your amplifier, and it creates unneccessary current draw making your headlights dim. i may have worded it funky, but its something like that. you did not need to buy a cap, and you won’t need a cap nor will you need an extra battery for your new power acoustik amp. just make sure you set the gains correctly, it involves a volt-ohm meter or other tools so ive gathered.
      personally, i would get a 2nd battery before buying a cap. if you want to go that way or replace your current battery, may i recommend an Optima Yellow Top. highly durable to vibrations, and deep cycle battery, its ftw

    4. biffer says:

      i use Optima batteries for my system, they are awesome and keep the receipt because they have warranties usually