I Want To Upgrade My Amps But I Need To Know If A New Battery Would Help.

Everything is stock in my car except my sound system to begin with. I am currently running a Sony Xplod 1000Watt amp. It has two 30 amp fuses. At its max volume it would make my headlights dim a little until i bought a 1.6 farad cap. After that there was no dimming. But I am disappointed with the performance of it. I want to upgrade to the Power Acoustik TS1440-2 amplifier. But it has two 40 amp fuses. I know that my cap wouldn’t really help with that many amps drawn. If i got a heavy duty battery, like one that puts out around 1000 amps, would that stop my headlights from dimming. (any other type of battery anyone could mention would help too) I would not listen to it loud for maybe 20 min periods at a time. So would a good battery help me out or would i need to up my alternator to. Since i listen to it quiet about 75% of the time wouldnt that give time for my battery to recharge? Help please.

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