I Have A 2004 Ford F250 With A Battery Light Problem

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When i accelerate, the light comes on but then it goes off when the trans shifts of i let off on the gas. there seems to be nothing wrong with the drivability or performance. im worried that the battery might die. any advise?

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    1. Jeffrey V says:

      Get a new battery. That will help.

    2. Tekkaman Saber says:

      Dear Battery-

      There could be a couple of problems. I would need a little more detail than what you gave, but I will take a S.W.A.G., (Scientific Wild A&& Guess).

      In any vehicle there is a physical action called Torque Deflection that happens when an engine is under hard accelleration. This is the reason for the rubber motor-mounts attaching the engine to the frame of the car.

      Now the reason I mention this, is because it sounds like this may be the cause of the battery light coming on, due to either a short to ground, or an open via a wire getting pulled slightly off ground. Basically a bad ground connection.

      The first places I would start looking is at the wires connecting the alternator to the battery, and the ground side of the system. Also be sure to check the wires leading down to your starter. Maybe one is getting pinched, or pulled out of position when the engine accelerates hard.

      This makes even more sense being that you stated the light goes off whent the transmission shifts, because the engine defelction will return to an almost “rest” position in the motor mounts.

      This could also be an indicator of a broken motor mount depending on the amount of deflection, and the location of of the wires in the charging system.

      I have encountered this issue on Motorhomes where a motor mount has split, and the charging system wires were located on the “pull” side of the deflection.

      There will normally be evidence of either the pinching, or the pulling out, by carefully examining the insulation along the wires.

      More than likely, if you have had recent work done to the car, a ground strap, or electrical connection may not have been properly replaced also. This is another check to do too.

      Check the Acid Level in the battery too. If its low, and a serviceable battery, you may need to refill the electrolite in the cells. Just be sure to not over fill the cells because they need to have expansion room for when the battery is charging.

      If after you have check all of this and cannot locate the problem, then I would suggest taking a trip down to your local shop and letting them have a look.

      Keep in mind that chasing down a bad ground connection can be quite a task, and it can be in the most obscure location on the vehicle. Do not rule out ANY of the ground straps leading from engine or transmission to the frame of your truck. One of those could have even been broken by your last spirited jaunt, (Over the River and Through the Woods), if your truck is 4×4 equipped.

      I hope I was able to help you out. Good luck!

    3. Beau S says:

      your alternater is over charging your battery you need a new one before your battery blows up!!!!