How Much Power Consumption Does A Car Battery Charger Use

Posted in Car Batteries | Asked on Apr 6, 2010

We have an old auto battery charger and I am curious I cannot find any information on the charger itself.

There are 3 Answers for "How Much Power Consumption Does A Car Battery Charger Use"

  1. e-vill says:

    not much its only meant for 1 hour of charging at a time just enough for road trips not to leave stuff in your car.

  2. Don E says:

    amps X110 volts = watts (eg;10 ampsX110=1100 Watts per hr.)

  3. Ironhand says:

    Depends on the charger, and the charge rate.
    It is pretty difficult to tell you, because a small trickle charger might use something in the area of 150 Watts while the larger bench type chargers might use 10 times that. A full sized floor charger could draw as much as 25 amps.

    Does this give you a ballpark figure?

    Happy Motoring

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