How Long To Charge A Car Battery With A 12 Volt 6 Amp Charger

Posted in Car Batteries | Asked on Apr 18, 2010

I need to make a short trip to pizza hut but my car alternator is shot. The battery is completely drained. So how long would it take to charge the battery enough for a short trip. I’m pregnant and hungry, those two don’t mix. lol

There are 3 Answers for "How Long To Charge A Car Battery With A 12 Volt 6 Amp Charger"

  1. Erics Towing & Auto Sales Inc. says:

    At least 2-3 hrs

  2. justin j says:

    it all depends on how dead the battery is. it could take hours but a better ideal is put back in the car and put the charger on the battery and start the car and drive around for awhile and let the altinator charge it.

  3. egglxi says:

    with a dead alternator, on a full charge battery, you have about 2-3hours.

    but when you do, DO NOT switch on anything (no radio, no AC, no windows, no lights) so as to prolong the charge

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