How Long Does A Car Battery Take To Recharge

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I have a hyundai that hasn’t been used for about 2 years and it has just been sitting there.

I bought a special car battery charger to trickle electricity into it. How long will it take?

Last night i guess i left it for 4-5 hours and when i tried to start the engine, the lights on the dashboard came on, but the engine didnt start properly, it tried to but failed. how much longer shall i leave it on for ?

edit: thanks for the replies so far, just to let you guys know, i am not trying to start the car with the trickle charger charging the battery at the same time

i am trying to charge the battery until it has enough charge so that the battery will work without the aid of the trickle charger.

is this possible?

when it works i will probably use it a little bit but as you guys are saying ill have to buy a new battery for it.

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    1. Silverstang says:

      If you had left the car sit like that for 2 years, the battery is completely dead then. Is best just to get a new battery.

    2. jim1 says:

      new battery is the way to go

    3. Phillip S says:

      A trickle charger is capable of sustaining a car battery at a 12 volt full charge for months at a time. If you try to start the car with a dead battery, there will not be enough power from the trickle charger to start the car. The starter motor load on the battery is about 300 – 400 Amperes and if the car doesn’t start within a minute or less, the engine will not start. To hold a charge in the battery, you must be sure that battery plates are immersed in the electrolyte. A good car battery fully charged should be able to deliver 600 – 800 Amperes for one minute at zero degrees Celcius. You might be able to start your car with the help of a jumper battery if the dead battery is capable of holding a charge. Best solution would be to replace your old battery.

    4. bryjones71 says:

      if you have left it 2 years !!!
      Almost no doubt the battery cells will have colapsed and it will never take a full charge again

      Dont bother mate your wasting your time get a new one!
      Even if you start it- jump or bumb start when you stop the engine you will have the same problem again- not nice in the middle of town!

    5. jim b says:

      worried guy,
      this depends on the condition of the battery, and how old it is. If the sides of the batter are not swollen out, and it’s less then a year old, I’d say you have a pretty good chance of it charging, make sure the terminals are clean on the batter though. If they are dirty, then no matter how long you charge it, the battery will suck. If its a “no maintenance” battery, check on top, there is a round window place where you can look though. If it’s green, you can probably charge it. If not, little luck. Also. if the battery is not big enough for the car (not in size) then even a good battery will only keep the vehicle running for so long.
      So, if the battery is just weak, but can still hold a charge, on a trickle charger, let it charge overnight.