How Long Does A Car Battery Take To Recharge

I have a hyundai that hasn’t been used for about 2 years and it has just been sitting there.

I bought a special car battery charger to trickle electricity into it. How long will it take?

Last night i guess i left it for 4-5 hours and when i tried to start the engine, the lights on the dashboard came on, but the engine didnt start properly, it tried to but failed. how much longer shall i leave it on for ?

edit: thanks for the replies so far, just to let you guys know, i am not trying to start the car with the trickle charger charging the battery at the same time

i am trying to charge the battery until it has enough charge so that the battery will work without the aid of the trickle charger.

is this possible?

when it works i will probably use it a little bit but as you guys are saying ill have to buy a new battery for it.

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