How Long Does A Car Battery Charger Take To Fully Charge A Battery

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My car broke down on me again and we’ve been charging the battery on an external charger for a couple of hours now so we can see if it was the battery or my alternator. I was just wondering if that’s typical or not for the charge to take so long.

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    1. Joe d. says:

      Depenind on what type charger you have

      Shops use commercial chargers
      Properly charging an automotive battery goes like this.
      Charge at a rate of 30 amps for 30 minute intervals and recheck.
      This can take up to 8 hours to fully recharge a battery.

    2. mARY JO W says:

      it depens on the charger it is best you go slowe it is 12 hr

    3. koma says:

      depending on type of charger it could take several hours to overnight

    4. Sam says:

      It all depends on the charger and how dead the battery is. Mine is usually 4 hours.
      Once your battery is charged put it back in and start the car. Unhook the negative from the battery. If it is your alternator the car will shut off, if it isn’t the car will still run. Then you will know what the problem is…

    5. Paul Rein says:

      It depends all the type of battery and the power rating of the charger. Some charges will charge in less than an 1hr some can take up to several hours. Forget about charging a battery just jump start it if you have another car available and jumper cables your car will be charged in minutes not hours.

    6. CactiJoe says:

      Unless it’s a “quick charge”charger then over-night is typical to get a decent charge.

      If the battery light was not on when the car was running then it’s not the alternator. If there’s any white crud growing on the battery terminals this can insulate the battery connections and it may not recharge while driving the car or if you hook up a charger to it.

      Most batteries will last the length of the warranty period plus a few months if driven around town with some highway miles and they will last way past the warranty period if you do mostly highway miles and keep the terminals clean (service like every other year or once a year if parked outside all of the time).

      Most places that sell batteries will do a free charging system diagnostic and this checks the battery, alternator, and starter.

      Good Luck!

    7. greybeard says:

      battery’s go dead for a reason and they do not live forever if your battery keeps going dead maybe the battery is shot or the charging system is dead alternators go bad too have you looked at the water level? heat kills a battery quick 2 years +- go to a parts store like auto zone have it ck for free

    8. clintbankston says:

      it depends on the amperage of the charger. most chargers are variable amperage ranging from 2or4 amps and going up to 250 amps on some chargers which is for starting only. the best is to charge at the lowest setting over night to keep the battery from getting hot. if the battery gets too hot it can swell and crack the lead plates in the cells. slow charge is always best be patient.