How Do You Read The Meter On A 6 Amp Car Battery Charger The Numbers Go From 08 On The Charger.

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When you connect a car battery to your charger how long do you leave it on? and how do you read the meter?

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  1. kylelambert says:

    Post a little more info about your charger. Some turn off automatically Some have timers or both. If your charger is putting out 6 amps. I’d say 3 or 4 hours for a 12v batt. Just a guess though. Allso depends on how drained your battery is. Slow charge is better. If you can set it to 2 amp hrs, 8 hours would be about right.

  2. Galen B says:

    A battery charger produces a DC voltage (voltage is like water pressure) above that of the battery.

    This difference in voltage causes an electrical current (like water flowing) to flow into the battery.

    As the battery charges, the voltage on the battery increases. This makes the current decrease. When the battery is fully charged, the voltage difference between the charger and battery in very low, so the charger sends a small current (called a trickle charge).

    The charger is designed to produce 6 amps of current flow, so the meter is calibrated to 8 amps of current flow. As the battery charges,the amperage on the meter will decrease. when the battery is fully charged, the needle will be slightly above zero. when you disconnect the charger , the meter will drop to zero.

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