How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Car’s Battery

I just installed a new car MP3 / CD Player and I don’t drive very far or very often, sometimes the car can be unused for a week. Normally it will start right away, but after taking out my old Car Music System and replacing it with a new one the battery seems to die quickly.

I did however remove the car battery and hook it up to an electronic charger with 4 LED lights that show the 4 stages of charging. Left it on for 15 hours so far and it’s still on stage 2 – it works backwards and starts on stage 4, then 3 until you get to 1 and then you know it’s fully charged, but it’s still on 2 after 15 hours and you can hear a lot of bubbling sounds from the battery. The battery is 6 years old so I figure it’s time to replace it anyway but I was wondering what might be the problem with the battery. I have turned off the charging now as it didn’t quite sound right and wanted to make sure there wasn’t an explosition or anything like that.

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