How Do I Hook Up My Amp To A 12 Volt Car Battery Charger

Posted in Car Batteries | Asked on Apr 6, 2010

Is there a way to hook up my amp to a 12 volt car battery charger?

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  1. mycoldfeet says:

    It will probably draw more amps than the charger puts out, a normal charger puts out 2 amps on slow charge and 10 amps on normal charge. A 120V power converter to 12V is what the pawn shops use to test power amps hooked to speakers.

  2. LeAnne says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this because a charger isn’t a power supply and it’s not regulated.
    Buy a small, regulated 12 volt converter from Radio Shack or a similar retailer. Check your amp for the power consumed and make sure the converter is up to the task.

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