How Can You Tell If Your Car Battery Is A Negative Or Positive Grounded Post System

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I am trying to charge a battery in my car with an electrical charger and want to make sure I am hooking it up right. Thanks

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    1. pj10 says:

      Most cars (at least in the US) have the negative side grounded. You can check by following the negative cable and see what it attaches to. Most likely it will bolt to the frame or body of the car, and somewhere on the engine or transmission.

    2. oklatom says:

      It really doesn’t matter. Hook the red wire to the terminal marked “+” and the black one to the terminal marked “-“.

    3. carzzz1 says:

      the positive will go to the starter and the negative goes to ground, either to the engine block or the frame the positive is most time red but not always. there hasn’t been a positive ground American car in years and only some British imports are still backwards. you want to put the positive on first and take it off last. also put the ground on the engine block on the dead vehicle not on the battery. the battery is highly flammable and will go BOOM if you get a big spark

    4. Kenneth S says:

      look at the battery…there is a + on one side and a – on the other side…black goes to – red goes to +……and don’t worry if you hook it up backwards you will know it pretty fast.

    5. Mikld says:

      All auto batteries are the same as far as terminal polarity goes. The difference in Pos ground and neg. ground is the vehicle. Normally the ground or negative terminal is connected to the chassis. Just hook up your charger Positive (red, or +) clamp to the positive (red or +) terminal or post first. Then hook up the negative (black or -) clamp to the negative (black or -) terminal or post.

    6. Ron B says:

      It does not matter in regards to the way the charger is hooked up. Always pos to pos and neg to neg.

    7. papabear says:

      Most are neg ground but it doesn’t matter. Always hook the black bat charger wire to – and red wire to +