Car Wont Start With Fully Charged Battery

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My car has developed a problem! I thought the battery was dead, but I’ve found his fully charged with a charger. when I turn the ignition it turns very slowly. the lights work, but are very weak and the wipers work slowly. the car starts and runs fine with jump leads to another car. Please help its head right in that you can imagine!

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    1. loonatic72 says:

      Still sounds like the battery isn’t fully charged or you have really dirty connections on your battery.

    2. trivia buff says:

      Even if the battery has been charged, it may not be enough to start the car. Looks like you may need to invest in a new battery. Also, first check the battery cables to make sure the connection is good and that they are clean.

    3. King says:

      Sounds like the battery is dead and not holding the charge. Replace it. Also, check the alternator. If it’s not charging the battery when the engine is running, that’s the problem and you’ll need to replace it. Prices vary for a re-manufactured one and new a one.

    4. Metroguy says:

      voltage and amps are two different battery states. A volt meter can show close to 12.0v but be badly lacking cold cranking power. I believe you need a new battery.

    5. Q2 says:

      There is a poor connection between your battery and starter/accessories.
      Check the ground from the battery. Or…the battery is bad and your charger cannot charge it. Try swapping a known good battery for yours for a test.

    6. Larry E says:

      You have dirty cables or a weak battery.

    7. PA Ap. Developer says:

      Be sure the car is in park or neutral.

      Other than that, it is a bad battery. It is probably charged but will not hold enough. You need about 11-13 volt on a stress test to start the vehicle. Ask about testing your battery at auto parts stores with a tester.

    8. Dr.T says:

      A “fully charged” battery can still be a dead battery believe it or not.

      A battery may show full charge, but when you turn the key and start to draw current from the battery, the battery terminal voltage may drop to almost nothing.

      A battery is conceptually a circuit with a device to create a voltage, and an internal resistor that increases in value as the battery ages. If the internal resistance of the battery is high, it will appear to be fully charged if no current is drawn (like using a volt meter on it) but when you draw current from it, all the voltage drops across the internal resistance, and very little is seen at the terminals.

      A battery that charges very quickly is a sign of a dead battery. What that shows is that the internal voltage of the battery is fine, but it tells you nothing about the internal resistance in the battery.

      To test the battery, put a volt meter on the battery, then try to start the car. If the voltmeter drops very low, you are seeing what happens to a battery over time.

      Alternatively, if the battery voltage stays high, the resistance may be at the terminals themselves, being dirty. If this is the case, clean the battery terminals and put them back on the battery.

      But testing a battery with a charger is not really a test.

    9. clunievar says:

      could be your battery still check all earths are in good clean condition maybe AA or RAC would confirm if you are a member

    10. Converse1977 says:

      it’s probably your battery even though it seems fully charged it just doesn’t have the grunt when it’s needed, I once had a battery like that the only solution was to get a new battery, you can try cleaning the terminals and making sure they are tight but I think the battery has had it…if you can borrow and try another battery in your car just to see if it starts ok with another battery before you go buying a new one.

    11. c sample says:

      If i were you check the fuses and make sure they all work and if they do then it may be your starter

    12. Phop says:

      Clean battery terminals. Get a load test on the battery, (this will tell you if the battery is any good) then go from there

    13. bandit_60 says:

      that sure sounds like the battery to me. it sounds like it don,t have enough juice to turn the motor over. i believe i would try another battery and clean the terminals too.