Car Wont Start Just Makes A Clicking Noise. It Only Started When I Use A Battery Charger.

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Is it my starter or battery? its on a 98 civic ex.
ok i don’t know if its the battery because all the lights and even the radio comes on. Every other electrical equipment on my car works except the car wont turn over(start)

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    1. Corran says:

      Whatever you added is probably draining your battery. Try a jump start.

    2. tonym says:

      you have a bad battery,also clean the terminals when you replace the battery.

    3. Terrence B says:

      It’s your battery. Sounds like a bad cell in your battery.

    4. amphotericin says:

      if the car starts w/ a jump, its either your battery or alternator. next time the car starts, remove the negative terminal while running. if it stops, change your alternator. if it still runs, alternator is good and you should change your battery.

    5. Palo says:

      clean the terminals when you replace the battery

    6. catmandew says:

      First of all, DO NOT take your battery cable off while the car is running, unless you want to take a chance on having to replace a few hundred dollars worth of electronics. This was fine back in the days when generators were used instead of alternators, but that day passed 45 years ago.

      Now, you have one of two major categories of problems. Either your battery is low on charge, which could be a bad battery or a charging or starting system malfunction. Or it could be just that you have a poor connection somewhere. Start by removing your battery cables (negative first), and cleaning them. (Battery brush, available at any auto parts store) While you have them off, check the other ends of both of your main battery cables, and make sure they are tight on the starter and the engine block. Maybe even take them off and clean them too (sandpaper), to be on the safe side. Put them all back together (negative battery cable last), and see if that helps.

      If not, get it started, and take your car somewhere to have the charging and starting systems checked. Leave the engine running at first, and they can check for alternator output. After you shut it off, they can check the battery with a load test. Then they can check the starter while you try to start it, too make sure it’s not taking too much juice.

      If you want to invest in some test equipment, the wiring connections can be checked with a simple voltmeter, which you can get for as low as about $10. ^(

      A basic battery load tester runs about $30. ^(

      Testing the alternator and starter thoroughly requires an ammeter, capable of reading 100’s of amps. Abot $70, maybe less. ^(

      Note that on that last link, that if you scroll down a ways, it says in red letters, the only red lettering on the entire page;

      “Warning: Never disconnect a battery cable while the engine is running to “test” the alternator. Doing so can cause high voltage spikes that can damage the alternator as well as other electronics.”

      Additional Details
      Yes, it might not be the battery. But you can’t rule it out from the fact that your lights and radio work. Your starter takes much more current to operate than those, or anything else on your vehicle for that matter. That’s why if you want to avoid needlessly replacing good parts, testing needs to be done. The fact that it starts when you use a charger could mean you have a weak battery, that it’s fine but not being charged, that you have a key-off drain, that your starter is taking too much juice, or something as simple as a bad wire connection. A poor connection can work just fine for the lights and radio, and fail when you try the starter.