Car I Charge A Car Battery With A Charger When It Is Still Connected To My Car

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OK I know this is a dumb question but I am totally clueless when it comes to cars!!

My battery is flat – I cannot get it to start with jumps leads so the only option is to charge it with a battery charger which I have. Now, I cannot take the battery out so is it possible to charge the battery without disconnecting it from the car?

Thanks in advance!

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    1. royphil345 says:

      Yes… no problem…

      Just make sure nothing’s turned on that will drain the battery faster than it charges.

      If good, thick jumper cables won’t work… Are you sure the battery’s not completely toast?… or the starter might be bad?

    2. pathfinder says:

      Yes, I have seen people do this.

    3. wizjp says:

      Yes; but I’d still take at least one of the leads from the battery to the car off in case there is an electrical problem that is draining the battery.

      Might get a back up plan as well; if jumping it won’t start it, odds are charging won’t either. Check loose electrical connections while you are working just in case.

    4. joe k says:

      yea, red is positive, black is negitive just hook er up and let er rip, once the car starts unhook it and let the car run for like ten minutes and the alternater should charge the battery (alternater is a generator that uses the engines power to run electricity through your car), which is why your cars battery never dies while your driving

    5. andycapped2000 says:

      For one thing, your battery is dead not flat. Your tires go flat, your battery dies. You can charge the battery without disconnecting it yes, but it is highly illadvised. All you need to do is merely disconnect the battery terminal wires from the battery. Those are the big red and black wires. Then connect the positive and negative battery charger leads to the battery. The battery is more than welcome to set in the holding brackets inside the car if you want it to. Also, remember red is positive and black is negative.

    6. Floppy Dick says:

      Yep. did it only yesterday, unscrew the ‘caps’ off the battery if it not a sealed one,. top tip….. after a few hours charging see if there are bubbles in each cell, if there are no bubbles in any of the cells then that cell is knackered and hence so is the battery.

    7. zacangus says:

      no.definitely no,you must disconnect battery then charge.then have the battery and alternator checked

    8. dVille says:

      It is possible that you might have a short. whether you do or not I would disconnect the negative cable and then put the battery charger on it.

      Make sure you connect the charger right.

    9. Robert P says:

      you can do this but as mentioned above it is best to disconnect the battery…if you don’t disconnect the battery MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TRY TO START THE CAR WITH THE CHARGER CONNECTED!