Car Battery Not Charging

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My car died last week, and I bought a brand new battery and ran fine after that. I noticed that the car was slowly lose charge and the battery was not charged more. I just got a new alternator and the battery charged. The car will run for about 10-15 before it unable. If the battery charger will work until it is quite good, as long as addicted as I want. I have tried two batteries, both in good condition. I’m just thinking somewhere in the wiring? Securing the alternator is good, and the contributions to good contact. Any ideas?

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    1. Will S says:

      If you got the alternator from auto zone that could be the problem, take it back for a refund and go get a quality alternator.

    2. mark f says:

      you have a fried coil…….

    3. blest_4x says:

      Check the starter solenoid, distributer cap and, voltage regulator. Sometimes places like AutoZone will test these parts for free, but I htink you gotta get y our car there. Check the wire connections to your newly installed parts. Beyond that I’m at a loss. Good Luck…..

    4. mister ss says:

      have the alternator checked as sometimes you can get a bad one even though they are new.

    5. Lover not a Fighter says:

      Measure the voltage with the engine off – and headlight on (the load). The volt should be 12v if charged.

      Now measure the voltage again with the engine on – with the headlight on and off. In both cases the voltage should be from about 13.5v to 14.5V. Any more or less the alternator is bad.

      Good Luck…

    6. ponce_76us says:

      something is staying on light on the trunk or under hood or glove box or something stays on like a blower or radio even door locks, it happened to me my door locks kept locking and unlocking themselves untill battery went out

    7. poletop1 says:

      Well I cannot be of much help if you do know how to use a volt meter. Plus what kinda car is it? yup your not charging for sure,but can be 100 different things thats the cause. from a loose belt to a open fuselink, or as simple as a poor gound.

    8. b.jerry30 says:

      Did you put all the wires back on the alternator and battery?
      If so check the cable that goes down to the starter to see if it
      is shorting out on the frame somewhere.
      Is the battery clamps good? a lot of us forget to clean the clamps where the wires clamps down,,If it is a top post that is.
      try new battery clamp if yours is old…
      I hope I was a help………….. b.Jerry

    9. tronary says:

      You need a volt meter to do some testing. Across the battery terminals should read 13.5 volts, key off. Engine idling across terminals should read 14.5 to 15 volts. If less than 14.5 the alt is not putting out. If battery below 13 volts it is not charged.