Can You Jump Start A Battery That Has Been Removed From A Car

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I just recently removed the battery from my car as the car has been garaged for some time (waiting on a new paint job). Anyways I removed the battery from the car yesterday and went to put it on a trickle charge and come to find out that the charger won’t make a connection to the battery because it has less than 1% charge left in it. I know it sounds stupid but I’m not well versed in the automotive field. Can I go about charging a car battery that has been removed from my car using jumper cables with the help of our other vehicle? As in putting the battery on the ground, hooking the cables up and then leaving the booster car on for a few minutes to charge it up so I can have some juice in it to get a trickle charge running when I bring it into the basement to charge it. Now if this is not even an option please just tell me that and don’t be a a-hole about it. I know it sounds stupid but at least I wanted to make sure before I went and did this.
Let me add that this battery has been jump started just a few times as the car has been in storage for quite some time. It’s a pretty new battery and hasn’t really been used at all. Just the occasional jump start when my car losses juice.
Also I know jump starting isn’t a good thing to be doing very often. And I don’t. Only whenever it really needed it and I needed to move my car.

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    1. ebai says:

      I believe it can

    2. Sean K says:

      It should be no problem. Batteries are usually toast though if they haven’t been used in a year. Even if they are only a couple of years old.

      Be very careful with how you handle it though. When a battery dies the acid turns into a sulfate and sticks to the lead plates. If you drop the battery on the ground the flakes will fall off the plates and settle to the bottom. After that you’ll never get a charge.

    3. Ryan says:

      I don’t know if you can when it is removed… But can’t you put the battery into something else, jump start it, then charge it?

      Good luck!

    4. lem604 says:

      ya you can hook the two batteries together to get a base charge it’s called polarizing but the other car dosen’t have to be running and i would let it polarize for about a half hour and then try to trickle charge again. all this bieng said the battery has never froze when it was dead? because if it has it probably will never take a charge.