Can You Charge A Car Battery Through The Cigarette Lighter

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Do the positive and negative wires on the charger have to be reversed?

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    1. kawasaki says:

      yes you can.they actually make battery chargers that plug in to you lighter. and they do make cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter jumper cables.heres the site that has them.i have one and they work ok. ^(

    2. Dee-Dee-Dee says:


    3. trapper1_CA T says:

      Yes it is possible,I have seen the device for sale

    4. Alex E says:

      Yes you actually can. It will be the equivalent of a trickle charge though. You cannot jump start a vehicle that way (too many amps will blow fuses on your or the other car) This type of charging cable is available at most auto parts stores and is not that expensive.

      If you want to build one yourself then the answer is no, you do NOT reverse the wires. Pos to Pos and Neg to Neg