Can Weak Car Battery Decrease Engine Performance

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Can weak car battery decrease engine performance?

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    1. Lover not a Fighter says:

      Only if the battery is so weak the car itself is running rough.

      Good Luck…

    2. Aaron E says:

      if it’s fuel injected or has electronic ignition, then yes But why would you have a weak battery? The alternator should keep the battery charged up when it’s running

    3. lovescamaros28 says:

      yes it could,but usually it will just result in hard starting,and will leave you stranded eventually.When your car is running it get most of its electrical power from the alternator.The battery acts as a voltage reservoir that absorbs voltage spikes and helps supply supplemental voltage when the vehicle is running.A weak battery will cause hard starting,and maybe a slight hp loss 1-2,but usually will not cause noticeable driveability problems.

    4. Surge c says:

      I don’t think it can but I;m sure you might not be able to have your radio on.

    5. ohinniyan says:

      yes it can have an effect. that is why there is such a range in costs of batteries. strength of your battery can effect the strength of you spark and or ignition

    6. Dave N says:

      Your ignition computer will shut down if the voltage is too low, however the alternator usually makes enough volts even with a low battery. However, a battery could have one cell of the six shorted, and then the voltage would be limited by the battery trouble. Usually, but not always, a battery with one cell shorted will not start the car even with jumper cables on. I assume that you don’t have the alternator light/guage lit up, nor the check engine light, so you probably need to go to a place like Advance, Napa, Autozone to get the system checked-it’s free for battery and alternator tests.

    7. jvca says:

      The battery is used to start the engine, and run accessories while the engine is off. When the engine is running, it drives the alternator which generates it’s own electricity. Therefore the battery doesn’t affect the performance of the engine while it is running. I would replace the battery so that you don’t get stranded somewhere and need a jump start. First, check the cables to make sure they are not loose, or covered with chalky white deposits. If the cables are chalky white, you can remove them, wash them with with white vinegar which removes the deposits and reattach the cables, or just go out and buy and install new cables yourself.

    8. HeadTater says:

      Yes that is possible. Normally, the battery is kept sufficiently charged by the alternator, but sometimes that’s not possible. It could be something wrong with the alternator, the battery is too small, too old or just bad. Whatever the case, if the battery is weak, it puts out less of a spark in the combustion chamber. This may mean that not as much fuel is burned and if it is, not burned as efficiently. Loss of combustion and efficiency can both lead to diminished performance. Then again, the car not starting is a real performance killer too.

    9. baldie says:

      yes it can and besides that, its hard on the alternator.

    10. Petrocelli says:

      Depends …. if the battery is not holding a charge then yes it will.

      The main effect you will see is that the alternator will be running flat out to try to charge up the battery …. the heavier the demand on your alternator the greater the effort required from the engine to turn the belt that drives it.

      It is basically the same effect as running your air con …. the air con unit sucks a lot of power out of the battery and that results in about a 10% decrease in your performance / fuel efficiency figures as the demand on the alternator is increased.

    11. Joesph C says:

      Once you start your engine, the alternator or generator takes over for electric supply. The car battery is used for starting the engine ONLY.