Can Leaving My Cell Phone Plugged Into My Car Charger Drain The Car Battery

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Can leaving my cell phone plugged into my car charger drain the car battery?

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    1. boogie2510 says:

      Technically, yes. But you would have to leave it parked for weeks. I would be far more concerned about the charger or phone battery overheating – and that probably won’t happen, either.

    2. dodge man says:

      it will drain it down a lot after about three or four days because mine did this once but it shouldn’t hurt it for a day or two and if you have a real good battery it wont hurt it at all the newer battery’s will take the drainage,and still start,,good luck,i hope this help,s.

    3. WiseWon says:

      As stated above, yes it could, but it depends on a number of factors. if you’re having trouble with the battery and think it might be the phone…it probably isn’t.

    4. davidslyviper says:

      you would have to have it on the charger for a very long time. Or have a very poor battery in your car. You would have to try very hard to kill the battery with a cell phone.

    5. rwings8215 says:

      no because the car chargers have a built in unit that once the phone is charged it will stop charging. Kind of like a light switch it cuts off the power to it.

    6. want2wild says:

      Not unless your battery is already worn out.

    7. dan says:

      Charging my ipod touch twice without ever starting the truck caused me to need a jump… so yes… But.. I have charged it once several times before without issues… My truck battery is 3 years old so a new one would obviously be better…