Brass Or Gold Car Battery Terminal

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Ive been told that the gold ones do not corrode like brass terminals. Has anyone tried this and compared performance/durability?
The brass ones are 3 bucks each while the gold ones are 7 each, just want to know if they are worth the extra money or just a bunch of hype.
gold PLATED…
gold PLATED…

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    1. Kurt says:

      gold would be best

      however, lead is good enuogh, brush them with a wire brush if you have to, the battery has enough power in most cases anyway

      gold contacts make sense for pcs and stuff, not for car batteries.

      just get a new one every 5 years or so

    2. Avery says:

      Generally speaking,gold is a better conductor and won’t corrode.Can’t say if they’re worth the extra money.

    3. Hoppelemine says:

      Gold is a superior electrical conductor to brass as it does not tarnish. Get gold if you can afford to spend the extra money and feel you need the extra reliability.

    4. Michael S says:

      Plain old lead battery connectors are the best. Do you really believe if the connector was made of gold it would only cost $7. Believe me, weigh the connector and you’ll see at today’s price for gold, those connectors would cost over $500 apiece.