Best Way To Add Horsepower To 350 Chevy Crate Motor

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Have a stock chevy 350 Crate motor with about 300 hp and I want more. I am young so I dont know alot about engines. What are some of the best ways to add horsepower? How much horsepower could I add to this motor realistically? Is another 100 horses out of the question??

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    1. camo says:

      nos nitrous oxide

    2. SKUNK says:

      First you can put a good cam in it and a set of headers and have the heads reworked and then put a good distribtor posiably from a 68 or 69 corvette 375 hp engine,and then you will neet to change the rear-end gears so the car can put the power to the rear wheels,a 3:73 posi-track is the best all around gear.
      A good hot running car will also get you killed or lose your drivers license for a while.
      Are get or kill someone else.
      If you build a car like this take it to a drag strip and dont race on the street!

    3. Mike says:

      Here’s some engine combos you’ll like: ^( You don’t need nitrous to add 100 hp. If you want the best and most hp – AFR heads… That’s the secret.

      There is also a great small block build book at barnes and noble (could have different books in your area) that shows a bunch of combos. I believe they got somewhere around 400-450hp using the stock goodwrench longblock.

    4. chevyraceman_383 says:

      Heads is the1st place to look. The heads is the key to power, them compression and cam.

      A set of 96-00 vortec 350 heads will gain you about 50-60 HP by there selfs

      A set of brodix IK or canfeild alum heads will gain you about 80 HP

      With eaither one of those heads, get compression up to or as close as you can to 10:1, swap to a cam with around 220/230* @.050″

      Put a RPM air gap or crosswinds intake on it, a 600-670 cfm 4bbl carb, a good working HEI dizzy, aset of headers and good exhaust system and you will have 425-460 HP easy

      Back that up with a 2800-3000 stall torque converter, 3.42 or 3.73 rear gears and a posi unit and some good drag radials out back ad you will have a NICE combo

    5. apoorapothecary says:

      There’s two good posts for information.

      The vortec heads are a good idea, but for another 100hp over your already 300hp, you’re going to be testing the limit of those heads. The AFR pieces are by far your best bet – look to use the heads to bump up the compression of your stock crate motor – its probably 9.5 or so – for 400hp, you’ll need to step that up (and into the exclusive use of premium fuel, mind you – or if your in the area, switching entirely over to E85 – its the best bang for the buck).

      The RPM Air Gap manifold is another good step up. From there, if you make the E85 conversion, you’ll need a carburetor specifically for that, since the stoichiometry is different for alcohol fuels.

      Improve your camshaft (I’d recommend one, but you’re still in the planning stage – decide the changes you’ll make to the heads, exhaust and converter (if automatic), then pick the cam. The HEI distributor is excellent, but at 400hp, you should be considering an aftermarket CD ignition and high output coil to keep with the ignition duty.

      Or, you could go with a turbo/supercharger – there’s a not-too-difficult, but expensive way to get 100 plus horsepower.

      How much that motor can support in terms of horsepower is up to debate. I’d contend you should be looking to fortify the bottom end of your motor after passing 350 hp on a first gen small block, and definitely planning a budget for it at the 400hp stage. Stock rods and the scrawny mains are the first things to start getting squirrely, and at that point it makes great sense to have the block trued and blueprinted and filled with stronger parts.