Where To Finance A Supercharger

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I want to buy a supercharger but the prices are so expensive,the only way I can afford it is through financing.But when I finance it I need the complete package:ecm computer chip,fuel pump,boost gauges.I can’t find anyone online who finaces a supercharger, I’ve seen sts turbo they finance I thought about them I asked my mechanic he told me for my specific truck that a supercharger would give me way more torque and rear wheel horsepower.I have a 2005 chevy silverado 4×4 with a 4.8 V8 and great modifications:K&N air filter,Vortex high performance muffler, and airaid throttle body spacer.How much more torque and hp will you think I’ll gain with a supercharger?100-200? I have the slightest clue. Help me please Axelbeast

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    1. serene792p says:

      I honestley would not reccomend you going into dept for the sake of HP save up untill your in a situation where you can afford to buy toys. If you can’t afford a SC than you can’t afford the cost of a blown engine which is going to be far more likely on a modded motor than a stock motor.

      If you still insist on getting one….Loans/credit are going to be very dependent on your credit record. No one will give you a loan for parts, But you can try to get a Personal loan from places like Citi Finnacial however the rates will be very high. next in line would be credit cards. Lastley some places will give you a collateral loan where you offer the vehicle up in case you don’t pay in exchange for a slightley better rate.

    2. www.superchargersonline.com says:

      I would look into a Magnacharger supercharger system. These units are complete so nothing else will be needed. On top of that these systems are reliable. They even come with a 3-year warranty. You can expect around 100-130 extra HP with this supercharger, and best of all it is intercooled.

      The advantage this system does have over turbo systems and other sc system is that it will give you great performance in the lower RPM band. Where other systems will not come on until mid RPM range.

      Financing a supercharger will be hard to find however you might get better rates if you go with a personal loan. Other than that you really only have credit cards or multiple credit cards as an option.

      All in all the Magnacharger is a great choice. They design these systems around stock applications so you don’t have to worry about blowing engines because they are running to much boost or out of tune. I know you will love this system.