Where To Finance A Supercharger

I want to buy a supercharger but the prices are so expensive,the only way I can afford it is through financing.But when I finance it I need the complete package:ecm computer chip,fuel pump,boost gauges.I can’t find anyone online who finaces a supercharger, I’ve seen sts turbo they finance I thought about them I asked my mechanic he told me for my specific truck that a supercharger would give me way more torque and rear wheel horsepower.I have a 2005 chevy silverado 4×4 with a 4.8 V8 and great modifications:K&N air filter,Vortex high performance muffler, and airaid throttle body spacer.How much more torque and hp will you think I’ll gain with a supercharger?100-200? I have the slightest clue. Help me please Axelbeast

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  1. serene792p
  2. www.superchargersonline.com
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