I Have A 99 Eclipse N/A 420a And Only Want To Make It A Quick Car W Boltons What’s The Most WHP Can It Make

I have the 420a engine and almost have it paid off $27,161 with intrest and still have only 66,000 on the OD and just put GSX rims on it with wide profile tires…Sweeet!!! 🙂

So please don’t say sell/trade it because I’m not I’m not power madd I will be happy with a quick smog free car in California till I see another car that I like later in life with a spacey look like the eclipse…(Next car will be forced induction though!)

I have heard port and polish and or pistons will mess up the smog test so it’s just all the street (CARB) legal stuff I can throw on it.

Not gonna waste much cash on this car because I know the Mitsu dealer screwed me when he did not tell me I cannot put any ol turbo on it when I bought it but it’s all good I won’t buy another!

Note: No one make a CARB legal turbo or Super Charger for the 420a because it puts out too much smog under boost to be legal in California.

Please only those who have seen or know of someone that has a dyno that knows for sure. Thx!

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