Do Throttle Body Spacers Really Work

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Im looking at an airaid throttle body spacer, and i was wondering if they actually make a difference in power. Its for my 94 silverado with the 350. I’ll appreciate any advice, Thanks.

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    1. Peedlepup says:

      Yes they do, but the increase in power will be so slight you probably won’t notice any difference.

    2. Johnny Rotten says:

      No not really…You are better off with a chip and after market exhaust….Then you will see a difference..

    3. chevyraceman_383 says:

      Truthfully its anybodys guess. In the real world spacers for throttle body or a carb is more of a tuning item to fine tune the power band of a modd’ed engine.

      Your not gonna pickup any major power with a spacer. But it could move the torque peak up or down in the rpm range

      On a 500 HP carb’ed 355, I gained 5 HP from a 1″ tall open spacer placed ontop of an edelbrock RPM intake. I shifted the torque peak up 500 RPM

    4. mike p says:

      The difference if any is not really worth the price. You will get better performance by keeping engine tuned up with good quality ignition parts. Buy only AC Delco brand distributor cap and rotor, and use the same brand on plug wires. Maybe run a K&N air filter too.
      Use a aerosol can of carburetor cleaner to spray around vacuum lines and also at the bottom of Throttle body while engine is at idle. If the idle changes when you spray, you have a leak there.
      The gasket between throttle body and intake are known to go bad and cause a loss of power.
      One more thing is, Chevy small blocks engines have a problem with the factory intake gaskets going bad too.