1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4cylinder To Chevy 350 Engine Swap

I’m going to swap out my 4 banger for a Chevy 350 turnkey crate engine and I need help. Any guidance, references, opinons, or personal experiences would be helpful. I would like specific guidance for parts. Everything from what radiator I should use, to what transmission I should go with, or what will be my gear conversations. Please help me out!
I don’t plan to put a roll cage on there. I’m going to use this as my daily driver, and a weekend warrior. Thus I would like for my jeep to handle highway speeds as well as pull in the dirt. I already have a 3″ inch lift kit installed, and I’ll be running 35″ tires. I don’t plan to do all this myself….I’m more or less looking for a list of exact parts to buy that have worked with other projects. Any references for a decent mechanic in the Fort Riley, KS area would be nice.

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