What Is The Purpose For That White Painted Bar Across The Street At Stop Signs And Lights.

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Why do you think people pull past the white stop bar when they stop at a red light or stop sign.

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    1. Sharp Marble says:

      You mean the “Limit Line” This is the line that you are supposed to stop in front of. People have no patience and think the few feet they go over is going to get them going faster…Losers…

    2. oklatom says:

      That is the limit line, where you stop. After making a full stop, it’s perfectly acceptable to pull forward if it is safe to do so. Sometimes at a stop sign you have to pull forward to see oncoming traffic. Likewise if you are turning right on a red, the same thing applies.

    3. kfhaggerty says:

      The white bar represents the safest stopping point at an intersection. It is safest for the oncoming traffic, so people driving with a green light, or no stop sign can get the best and safest view and enough area to make turns, and such. There placement is designed not for the person who is required to make the stop, but for those who have the right of way. You are only supposed to proceed beyond the line after coming to a complete stop. People continue beyond the line because they are idiots and don’t follow the rules

    4. sovereign_carrie says:

      You can be harassed by a cop for DUI testing by stopping after that line. Something to think about if you’re in such a big hurry that you think a couple extra feet is going to get you there any faster.

    5. psychability says:

      That white line is also the “crosswalk” for pedestrians. thats why you’re not supposed to cross them, that’s where people walk. but in country areas where there aren’t any people crossing, it’s just a safety line to keep the intersection clear.

      Some people cross the line because they feel that it’s just way, too far back. Sometimes they need to see what’s coming so they can turn, etc.

      The intersection is supposed to be clear of any cars pulled up into it.