Is It Legal Or Illeagal To Put A Red Flashing Light Bar On Your Truck In WA

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If you are not an emergency personal?

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    1. staples_92 says:

      it’s ilegal in anystate enless it’s a show car and is trailered but you can put yellow

    2. stangsvt0427 says:

      In most states it is not legal. It is considered an emergency vehicle and you will get a ticket for it. I would not recommend for street use. parked i dont think you would have a problem

    3. david c says:

      it is illegal in all states if you are not emergency personell. I am a volunteer firefighter

    4. bikerlbf406 says:

      Every state has their own laws concerning steady, flashing, strobe or oscillating lights on vehicles. You would have to check with the WA State Police or Highway Patrol (whichever you have there); to know the actual law for where you live. Most states prohibit all colors of lights, except for amber (yellow) on any vehicle except for emergency vehicles authorized for such lights. Some states even have laws concerning amber lights on a vehicle. Almost all laws apply only to public roadways and/or while the vehicle is in motion. Which means at car shows, on a private farm or something like that you would be allowed to use them. The safest option is to check with the state police of your state; in order to avoid breaking any laws; as they could result in recieving a citation, possibly having your lights confiscated; and or even being arrested for impersonating a peace officer in some cases.