Chevy Cavalier Daytime Lights Problem

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My daytime running lights on the cavalier 01 flash when you turn the car on. I can hear the fuse clicking. Obviously, it only occurs when the e-brake is on. I believe that I need to change a faulty relay under the dash near a front support bar. I already tried to change the relay in the fuse panel, and that did not help. Has anyone had this problem before? How did you fix it?


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    1. Doc says:

      Dennis, I can answer this, but note that DRL’s are in use when when the engine is running, and the emergency brake is not on, unless you put it in gear and subsequently use the brake, which keeps them on. There are two flaws, and you’ve identified the relay by sound, instead of the microprocessor inside the instrument cluster assembly, which I have worked with so often – dashboard & steering column. So, the relay you want to change, and should change is on the front impact bar. That is behind the front bumper. Really. Not many persons can be consulted on this, and a certain GM forum can be confusing too. I have talked to people who say you must remove the foam padding, I know it’s there too. But do not grab the air bag sensor accidentally, or anything with yellow wires, which I’ve seen around the hood latch.

    2. ME says:

      Ok Chevy has them set up for when you have the e brake on they go off. This is for when you bring them to a front end shop and they pull it up on the rack.