I Have Three Buttons On The Sun Visor Of My Car

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I have a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus LXi. On the drivers sun visor there are three little black buttons. Im assuming they are a universal garage door control, but since I don’t have the manual I don’t know how to program them. Can anybody help me out?

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    1. Chris S says:

      Assuming it is a Homelink system, AND your garage door opener is Homelink compatible…
      First, press and hold the two outside buttons on the visor. The LED indicator will slowly blink at first, thern will rapidly blink. Release when it blinks rapidly. Next, you’re going to teach it the code from your garage door remote control. Keep in mind, the door will open and/or close during this step, so keep the youngsters away. Hold the remote control about two inches from the visor button you wish to program. At the same time, push and hold the visor button and the remote control button. The indicator light on the visor will again blink slowly at first, then rapidly. Release both buttons at this point. Almost there.
      Next, on the control panel on the garage door opener (on the machine itself, not the wall button), there should be a programming button. Push and release it. An indicator light should turn on. Go to the car, and push the visor button you just programmed. You may have to hold it in a few seconds. The illumination lights on the opener should blink on and off once. This indicates a successful program. Press the visor button again, and the door should close. That should do it.