Why Does My Car Amplifier Go Into Protect Mode When I Turn Up The Volume

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I know this question seems to be asked 100 times, and I’ve read all the posted answers to other people asking the question. However, it seems that no one else has had the same experience that I do.

First the basics:
Sub: Kenwood KFC-W2511 10″ rated at 300W RMS 4 ohm (1000W Peak)
Amp: Sony Xplod XM-1252GTR rated at 340W x 1 (Bridged) at 4 ohm
125W x 2 (Not bridged) at 4 ohm
800W Peak
Headunit: Stock with Line Converter (Converts speaker wire from head unit from regular speaker wire to RCA)
Wires: Tsunami 8 Gauge Wiring Kit rated for 800W
Car: 2006 350Z

The problem I have is that when i begin to turn the volume up, the amp Protection light goes on. I have tried Bridging the Sub, I have tried not bridging the sub. I have tried changing the amps location, changing the grounds location. I have taken everything off and reattatched wires one at a time. I shortened the power wire from the battery, and the remote wire from the headunit. I’ve turned down everything, and began slowly increasing the volume and the protect light goes on at about 10, max volume is 30 on my car’s headunit. I have also tried every combination of these actions possible. Volts and Amps appear to be good and well according to the Voltmeter. I have never had this problem before and I’ve installed at least 15 systems for myself and friends. I’m at a complete loss, and am considering pushing my car and all stereo equipment off a cliff.

Any ideas?

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    1. Kaitlyn says:

      To save your eardrums! Mine were permanently damaged about 10 years ago at a concert. Not the answer you wanted … but it’s what happened to me. I’m pretty young to have to use hearing aids.

    2. Nic says:

      Oh ive read about this…when your music is loud your less alert so your amp is going into protect mode so when the bad guys try to get you your protected…its got your back!

    3. People Are Idiots says:

      You’re probably clipping the amp, and it’s going into protect mode. Turn down the volume or get a better amp.

    4. Dj P says:

      Ummm mine kinda did thast once try gettin new speaker wire ur wire could be shorted and if that dont work then try hookin up a differnt sub to ur amp

    5. Rf Burn says:

      There could be a variety of reasons, a lot of which you’ve checked into. Not seeing the situation physically, I would check the wires “in” the sub (the ones that come from the cone to the connection posts)… as the speaker movement increases, those wires could short/cross depending on their location. The ground for an amp should be at least the same gauge as it’s main power and keep it under 12″ long. Trying another speaker/sub isn’t a bad idea (cut down your variables). Could also be the line converter. If you have another input source (i.e. a buddy’s aftermarket radio with a long pair of RCAs). Worst case; the amp may have an issue… good luck.

    6. John Joseph R says:

      I can almost guarantee that your problem is either your line convertor, not stepping down the head unit signal correctly the only other thing that would cause it that you may not have checked is your battery not able to supply the demand,try usin a bigger battery with higher amp output, i had a similar problem and just puttin a higher rated battery solved it.

    7. Zak K says:

      Its your head unit you shoud upgrade that i had a friend that had the same probably he kept screwing with it then it turned on for a second and blew both his subs took it to the car audio place and they told him it was the stock head unit. So maybe you should look into that.

    8. The_silent_line says:

      Sounds like the amp is in need of repair

    9. Mikhail says:

      Same thing happen to my sister car…whenever she would turn it up it would turn off until she turned it down. so i unhooked the subwoofer and turn up the head-unit.. the amp stayed on until i hooked back up the subwoofer then it would go into protection.. so i brought her a new sub and it slams with no problems.. u try this in your car..