Which Car Stereo Is Better Kenwood Or Pioneer

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Nearly same price and features.

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    1. Egyptguy says:

      I recommend pioneer, i had one for 4 years and it works great

    2. Jason H says:

      Alpine-for i-pod intergration you can’t beat Alpine (they have a deal with Apple)
      Pioneer has better tuners than Kenwood, Other than that, they are the same.

    3. The Neon Knight says:

      I had a kenwood was good. Sony Xplod rocks. Stick with brand names bought something Vaio I think was shitty.Pioneer also good name

    4. Wildmick21 says:

      About the same difference as Coke and Pepsi. IN other words, not much difference at all. I have friends who swear by Kenwood, but I liked the features of the Pioneer Premier series better. It’s worth a few extra bucks to invest in the Premier line by Pioneer, they have a longer warranty and typically have additional features that the regular Pioneer receivers don’t have.

    5. Pat Shepherd says:

      I really like my Kenwood!

    6. Evil Rondy says:

      Pioneer, in my opinion. I worked as the Installation Supervisor in the largest audio/video chain in the U.S. (Not Best Buy or Circuit City). We were also the largest JL Audio dealer. We sold Pioneer and Kenwood, along with Alpine, Eclipse, Sony, etc. Kenwood, by far, had the highest defective rate.

    7. Mr.emoeatsfood says:

      Pioneer dude!
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    8. Candle82 says:

      Kenwood and poineer are about the same. it just depends on how much u want to spend and what u are looking for. i prefer poineer. i think it brings more bass and sounds clearer and lasts longer. although if u went with kenwood u are doing okay.

    9. ~~ Rain & Summer~~ says:

      I go for Kenwood. Its been tried & tested for years. I have been using it for ages. The prize is worth enough

    10. Udontremember says:

      I’d go with Piowood, because I live in the ghetto. The cheaper the better. Always put fish hooks behind the receiver. That way whoever trys to steal it, ends up stuck in your car till you get back.

    11. Mitch Stein says:

      LOL, in the 80’s kenwood, today they are the same crap. They are both owned by panasonic which is owned by sony, and they all use the same circutry. Get a Sony and cut out the little guys..

    12. Toolmantim says:

      Kenwood is a higher end stereo but for the money pioneer is probaly a better deal.
      both stereos are great and if the price is the same for each deck check the fetures on each to see what has more of what you like.
      i would prefer a Kenwood if each were same price.

    13. Eric S says:

      Here is the best information you could have concerning car stereos. Pioneer is a mediocre unit to tell the truth. Pioneer manufactures their equipment piece meal. They don’t create a whole car stereo. They buy components from Asia and then assemble them. Kenwood, on the other hand, seems to be crisper sound. Hope this advice helps.

    14. Scratch Pad Answers says:



    15. Bistro says:

      While both are in the mid range quality category, I prefer Pioneer…I just like the way they set things up, ease of use, style, etc.

    16. Dc says:


    17. Maudeo22 says:

      I have 2 cars, Kenwood in one and pioneer in the other…..both are very good decks. My pioneer is ipod compatible..the usb hooks in the back of the deck and connects to the ipod directly…