What Is The Difference Between A Single And A Double DIN Car Stereo

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  • What additional value (in terms of sound quality, dB and other features) does the double DIN provide, apart from its larger size?

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    1. Ll0stryker0ll says:

      DIN, Single-DIN, DIN-1/2, Double-DIN Radios.

      DIN, DIN-1/2 and Double-DIN refers to the physical size of the radio’s height when looking straight at the face plate of the radio. DIN or single-DIN, refers to what would be called a standard height or single slot radio found in most vehicles from the mid-sixties on, and is the standard height of most after-market radios. DIN-1/2 (DIN and a half) sized radios refer to a radio that is one and one half the size of a standard DIN-sized radio. Most newer GM and Chrysler vehicles now have DIN-1/2 sized radios installed as their standard factory radio. Double-DIN radios are radios that are twice the height of a single DIN radio. Typically, these radios will have both a cassette player and a CD player in the radio, which is one of the reasons why the extra height is needed. Many newer Ford, Honda, Toyota and several other imported vehicles have double-DIN sized radios installed.

      hope this helped.

    2. Kaezoo says:

      The DIN standard is a radio chassis that’s 7″ wide and 2″ tall. A true double-DIN is simply two DIN units stacked; or a single unit that’s the same size as two DIN units stacked. Double-DIN head units became common as CD players became more popular; many vehicle manufacturers (especially of Asian cars) created a DIN CD player for use with a DIN cassette/radio unit.

      The main advantage to an after-market double-DIN is that it will look better in the dash of a vehicle that uses a stock double-DIN unit. The alternative is a single-DIN, with a DIN-size pocket to fill the extra space. Some manufacturers use the extra size to fit a cassette and CD player into the same unit. Also, a larger head unit can have larger controls and a larger display, making it easier to use. The best in-dash mobile video and navigation units are double-DIN, because they don’t require a flip-out mechanism for the viewscreen.

      There’s not necessarily a sound quality advantage in a double-DIN head unit, but there may be an advantage in reliability, because manufacturers don’t have to make design compromises because of size issues.

      A disadvantage to double-DIN is that they rarely are available with a detachable face; so they’re a tempting theft target.

    3. Hunter H says:

      SQ, SPL and other features are 99% of the time the same between single and double din the only difference is single din is 2 inches tall and double din is 4 inches tall. Double din is usually used for in-dash monitors. or GPS units

    4. Canfield205 says:

      One makes a bigger din than the other.