What Do You Think The Best Car Stereo Is

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What do you think the best car stereo is? I have a Jeep liberty if that changes anybody’s opinions. Any brand to stick with, Alpine, JVC, Sony, Pioneer?

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    1. 360ci says:

      I like the Infinity systems, however most are 2ohm which limits speaker options. I’d love to get my Toshiba (yes, Toshiba) receiver at home into my Durango with good speakers, that thing would be awesome.

    2. Mike Z says:

      As far as head units I will only use Pioneer. I’ve used just about every other brand and was unsatisfied.

    3. Andy says:

      I personally like Kenwood for the decks. They have stood the test of time and still put out great products. Alpine is also a great name! I would steer clear of Sony and Pioneer! JVC is ehh, ok but not great. If you are looking for door/dash speakers then Polk Audio is one of the best. They consistently win SQ (sound quality) comps! If you are looking for bass, the defiantly go with a Rockford Fosgate amp! They put out way more power than they are rated for! As for subwoofers, there are many good brands. Kicker, Audiobahn, Fosgate, Alpine will give you the hardest hitting bass while Polk, Clarion and JL Audio will give you great SQ Hope this helps!

    4. Ray Jay says:

      ALPINE is KING of the radio’s
      pioneer is good as is sony
      but the xtra components alpine offers can make the radio super un-touchable,,,

    5. Parker says:

      Yea those mainstream brands like alpine and sony and pioneer are good but the best? re audio, incriminator audio, fi car audio, crossfire, rockford and memphis are personal favorites, sundown, ascendant audio. those are the best. but most expensive. why so expensive? they will last longer than your children’s grandchildren. kenwood decks will last the longest time as well. pioneer after awhile have ground issues. all other decks are junk but alpine is alright but i would say there under pioneer. kenwood decks don’t look as great as others but your paying for craftsmanship and durability. jl audio your basically paying for the name. kicker does not last long at all.