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I’ve purchased another car but the volume knob on the in car stereo is broken and doesn’t push in to turn the radio on/off. I can use the volume controls at the steering wheel to change the volume. Is there a way I can fix this? I don’t want to really spend money on a new stereo if I can help it. It is a Double DIN unit and it is a VDO CDR2005 and it has 4 Allen key things to I assume remove the stereo. Thanks :)

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    1. carparts21 says:

      Sadly this is not a problem you can solve yourself. To fix it will require you to go to a car radio specialist. What often happens with these units is that the shaft of the on/off volume control snaps (usually result of misuse) only solution is to replace the on/off volume control.If you don’t want to pay out around £50 to have it repaired then continue to use steering wheel controls for volume, the stereo will switch off when you remove your keys

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    2. carparts21 says:

      you should pull the knob off and see if you can turn it on/off with the plunger rod before you start looking at buying a new radio

      and double din units are easy to come buy, or you could get a single din, then get a new tray to store your goods in