My 2002 Chevy Tahoe Won’t Start

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I think someone tried to break in to my 2002 Chevy Tahoe. The lock is all bent and it looks like someone tried to put something in their to open the door. Anyways, I believe the security alarm went off and disabled the car. Now, the remote won’t open the door and the car won’t start at all. We at first thought it might just be a dead battery, but if you put your key in, you would still hear a noise or something right? Well, it won’t turn or anything. We tried taking the battery out and let it sit for 10 minutes to see if that would reset it or something. Does anyone have any idea if it is related to the security system and how do we get it fixed? Is it costly?
Ah first of all it won’t start so how can I drive it down the street? Second I am not being cheap. It is called I am broke and don’t want to pay some mechanic to do something I can do at home.
The door key lock is the only thing damaged. The ignition is fine. You can put your key in, but can’t turn it. Also the remotes for the car won’t work. I think the thief realized the car wasn’t going to start so they gave up. The anti theft system kicked in and locked up the car, but how do I get it to work again?

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    1. Jaz S says:

      LOL stop trying to fix things at home take it to a mechanic man. Comon like dont be so cheap. I dont no why people are scared to drive a few miles just to get it checked out

    2. Therick63 says:

      There is a pass key ignition system in this vehicle,but if you can put your key in it and turn the ignition switch to start then it should at least make a sound if not start?
      If someone damaged the ignition switch then it still should start but stall after 2 seconds.
      lets start with the basics lets put a known good battery in this truck and see what happens? Make sure the battery connections are tight and clean.
      Good luck

    3. Hangtrojanover says:

      It sounds like you’ve got a couple of problems here. If you think you have a battery problem, take the connections off and make sure they are clean first. Clean as nec. and tighten again. I would install a battery charger to see if it is just low on charge first or hook it to a running vehicle with booster cables to try to charge it. This should give you electrical power to get to the real problem of no start and see if your remotes start to work again. Try to get the key into the ignition and rotate the key/switch to see if the motor starts or the dash warning lights come on. If the key won’t turn, the thieves have obviously bent or damaged the ignition cylinder. If that is the case, you won’t be able to do this yourself as I used to do this and it is not an easy job plus you need special tools and training for it. The ignition cylinder and possibly the ignition switch will need to be replaced. This then will also require the anti-theft system to be reprogrammed. If the ignition turns, but the motor won’t crank and the theft light stays on or blinks you have a password problem which is most likely the same problem as above, cylinder and switch replacement. There is no way around this; phone insurance as it is an attempted theft. This is a Passlock 2 anti-theft system which needs to be working properly for the motor to run. Having the battery unhooked for any problem after 1995 does not work for any attempt to clear any codes carried in on-board computers. To clear and diagnose these, you have to have a OBD2 scanner.