If My Car Stereo Says 22 Watts RMS And 50 Watt Peak Power What Size Amp Should I Get

The back 6×9’s say 110 RMS and 450 Peak Power, But the 5 1/2 inch door speakers say 35 RMS and 160W Peak power(they are all 4 ohms). They are Kenwood.

The lady at the store said to find a 50 Watt X 4 at 4 ohms amplifier. Wouldn’t sending 50 watts RMS blow the door speakers? Is there a way to have the amp send more power to the back and less to the front speakers?

Also the car stereo has a built in amp already. Will a new amp be added to the amp already in the deck. Should that be considered? Or will it bypass the deck amp.

I only found Alpine having those specs. And a few rare older Kenwood amps.

I want to thump so tell me my best and most practical options. The deck has 3 sets of RCA preamp outputs (What is a preamp????), what is a bridge or crossover??

p.s. So far I’m really disappointed at the sound.

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