How To Disable An Alarm System In A 98 Malibu

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The car wont start saying security theft system, after tring to start it you have to wait 10-20 minutes to go away. thanks in advance. WILL VOTE BEST ANSWER.

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    1. Mike says:

      The “security” light in the dash on GM’s is usually tied into the immobilzer system. A 1998 malibu does not have to have a special “coded” key for this anti-theft system, but there is a special “code” that gets sent to the car when the ignition cylinder is turned. Its simply a set resistance on a yellow wire from the ignition switch. This is to prevent hotwiring the vehicle. When you turn the key, the resistance is measured on this wire, referenced to a ground wire (usually a small black wire near the yellow one), and when the proper resistance is detected the BCM (body control module, kind of like a computer) allows the vehicle to stay running. If an improper resistance is detected, the system will most likely go into “fail mode” and will lock out even the proper resistance code for 15 minutes after the last failed start sequence (prevents theives from reandomly guessing the resistance until they get it right). This is called the Passlock II system.

      How do you fix the problem? You really shouldn’t have the problem if you are using your key to try to start the car. There is a small yellow wire running down the steering column with all of the ignition wires. this is your “resistance code” wire. If this wire has been cut or modified (most likely from a poor install of a remote start system), your car will not see the right “resistor code”, will not start, and turn on the “security” light in the dash. Simply repairing this wire back to it’s factory state will allow the resistance code to reach your BCM and allow the vehicle to start.

      My gut is telling me you either have a remote start system installed or you had one installed at one time. The most common cause of this problem is a bad connection from an installer trying to bypass the Passlock II system for the remote start to work, or from someone trying to repair the wire after removing the remote start. If you did have a remote start installed or removed, call the shop that did the work. A reputable shop will either send a tech out to investigate the problem, or if their insurance doesn’t allow them to send a tech to you – they will agree to reimburse towing fees if their poor install caused the issue.