How Many Watts Do I Need To Power My Subwoofers

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I’m getting 2-12″ Boxed Kicker Comp Subwoofers that have 600 watts peak power, does this mean i only need a 1200 watt amp to power them both?

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    1. B-man says:

      Get a mono amp (class d ) that pushes 600 watts RMS into the final ohms rating that the box comes out to. ( I’m almost positive it’s either 2 or 4 ohms.)

    2. Gimmymymail says:

      Ideally you should only need a duel channel amp, 1000w alpine or fosgate, bridged connection for 2ohms, and dont skimp on the higher rms amps. but you shouldnt need to exceed 1000w unless you wanna replace your speakers often. but bare minimum you can power your speakers with 300w amp for the two.

    3. Danny says:

      Kicker speakers are very senistive speakers therefor you need to match the RMS as close as possible 2 kicker comps run at 600 watts RMS therefor you need a amp that’s right around 600 watts RMS. If you bought the box and speakers together as a KICKER package then you can look on the connection teminal cup on the box to see if the box is at 2 of 4 ohms. If it is at 2 Ohms then your gonna need a amp that is stable at 2 Ohms Ex. the Kicker 05ZX750.1 would work fine even though the the RMS is 150 watts over. DON”T TURN THE GAIN ALL THE WAY OR YOU”LL FRI THE SPEAKER

    4. Dawgpoundcenter says:

      Please listen if your speakers are 600w peak then a 1200w amp will blow them because you will max them out!Your rms is the power indicator and how to properly get the most bass and efficient numbers from your subs.The rms on a 600w pk sh be 300-400w so you should get a mono block class D at least 500rms or a 2ch amp at least 400×2 remember you can get a amp with more reserve power but be careful not to burn your coils pushing them so good luck…….. ^(

    5. Sparky3489 says:

      Add the RMS watts of each sub and find an amp that matches this at the required impedance and your golden.

      If you need help, e-mail me [email protected]


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