How Do You Know When You Have Bad Ground In A Car Stereo

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I have a 2000-watt 1 Ohm Stable Mono Block amp and whenever I turn up the bass loud the amp goes into protection mode, I tried the same thing on an older Kenwood 2-Channel 800-watt amp and it seems to power it up way more than my brand new 2000-watt amp. Could it be the ground cable is connected badly or could it be something else?

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    1. Bigmark says:

      Just check make sure the ground wire is tight and has continuity. after that, if u still got the problem, there might be a loose soldered joint inside the amp, on the board…… call the fockers you bought it from for further review.

    2. Jmaverickg says:

      I’m no freakin genius, but have you checked the Ohm load of the subs that your using vs the rated handling of the amp? Some amplifiers will run at 1 Ohm but not stable, therefore if your playing it at low levels it will run it fine, but as you turn it up it will shut the amp off.

      Check your Ohm loads Jack!

    3. Charles B says:

      It doesn’t sound like it’s a bad ground. If the ground was bad either nothing would work at all, or if it was just loose then it would cut off pwer intermittently, not just when you turn it up.

    4. Cobalt says:

      U mite be sukking to much juice from ur battery when u crank it up and need a power cap