Are Kicker Speakers Any Good

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I just got a Kicker L7 just wanted to geet some feed back from anyone about what they think about the speaker?

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    1. Yamaharidr608 says:

      Ive used kicker in my car forever they are the only thing ill use now i have 2 15″ kicker box subs and a full kicker speaker set with an alpine dvd flip-up and the ipod connector and im set 4 life

    2. Sanjin says:

      Work for car audio department in my store and if you want heavy bass than yes. if you are looking for alternatives, there is JL audio and depending how much you want to spend you should consider mb quart for interiors. working on a budget? try alpine…excelent sound and quality for a reasonable price

    3. Wazzapkid91 says:

      Kicker speaker are very good, especially the solobaric L7. they pump out alot of power and they pump out alot of db’s. overall these are a very good buy

    4. Dawgpoundcenter says:

      Only the L7 and L5 models are great from SD for subs as far as highs/mids go JL Audio,MB Quart,CDT,Image Dynamics or Infinity all have reasonably priced units and kill Stillwater Designs in that area ….you did great now get the right enclosure done and your on your way…..enjoy

    5. Bm33 says:

      Kickers are good I have two 12″ comps and they hit really hard and sound amazing just using a small amp….. the L7’s are awesome tho the best kickers you can buy….

    6. Lamar S says:

      Kicker are good I Have one 15″ Kicker CompVX and the Zx1000.1 mono amp and it bumps pretty hard.

    7. Team_riles says:

      Kicker l7 is one of the best kicker subs out