’93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo StarterBad BatteryAlternator

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I have a ’93 Jeep GCL. Last week my husband left the interior lights on for about 3 days. Completely drained the battery. I had it jump started and he ran it for about 30 mins before going to the store and then coming home. We went out a few days after everything was fine. Yesterday he said it was hesitant to start but then started up. Before the jum start he said the check engine light was on and then after he restarted the truck at the store it went off. This morning I went to take a drive and the truck would not start it wasnt making a cranking sound and it sounded more like “choou choou” and my security light started blinking I deactivated the alarm and the truck was still hesitating to start (voltage reading 9 when key was in the on position) I continued to crank the engine and gave it a little gas and it turned over. When I let off the gas it stalled. (it did this 3 times) I then started it again and reved the engine for about 2 mins and in continued to run but the check engine light was on and little computer on the dash kept blinking and all the lighting on the dash were blinking. In the last year I have replaced the crank sensor, altenator, and distibutor pickup. Could this just be the battery or starter or what? It ran for about 5 mins and the voltage went up to 14 while running. But I had to bring my daughter to the bus stop and didnt have time to sit and see what it would continue to do so I just went inside and called my husband. He thinks its the battery. & personally Im not sure just wish it would work and the light would stay off so I dont worry about breaking down with my kids in the car. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

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    1. Mike S says:

      Sounds like the alternator is going bad. The battery may have been damaged by being completely discharged. Have the battery and alternator tested to see if one or both is going bad.

      For more things to check, see this article:
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    2. Elevated - Verf├╝hrung says:

      Its not your starter, you would be hearing a loud click every time you turn the key. Get your alternator tested… if its good, then you need a new battery. If its bad you might need a new alternator and battery.

    3. Timothy P says:

      Take the battery to your local auto parts store. They will test it for free. It may be bad. It may not have gotten a full charge from that little bit of use either. Put the battery on a charger overnight. Doesn’t sound like a starter issue and it sounds like you alternator is putting out plenty of power.