How Do You Get A Rotten Milk Smell Out Of A Car

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A friend of mine recently left some milk in the side pocket door of my car. It somehow opened and spilled (none got on the carpet). I have cleaned it with disinfectant wipes, hot water, soap, and magic man. I also put an air freshener in the car. The smell will NOT go away. Help!

This happened almost a week ago and the smell is still substantial.

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    1. Ello says:

      My son threw a bottle of milk under the seat and my car stunk BAD!! We did the same thing you did I took the car a good 2 weeks before the smell left the car. We also rolled down the windows and let the car air out. Good Luck!

    2. Old Guy_64... says:

      It’s probably in a seam. Fabreeze may help or put a “bounce dryer sheet in there to help absorb the smell good luck

    3. Walmart Greeter says:

      Take it through a car wash and have them detail the interior. Then when they’re finished, leave the windows open to have everything air out.

    4. Catherine M. says:

      Try pouring some baking soda in the side pocket and leaving it there for a few days. In the meantime, if you can park inside a garage or another covered structure, leave the windows open whenever you can to air it out. In a few days, you can vacuum or wipe out the baking soda, and the bad smell should be gone.

      Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that you can use anywhere; you can set an open box of it in your fridge to keep it stink-free, you can use it in smelly shoes to make them smell a lot better, you can sprinkle it on your carpet before vacuuming to get the pet smells out…it’s really amazing stuff.

    5. Luke says:

      Try using a 4-1 water to bleach ratio and if you can pour in the door pocket with out getting it in the carpet it will help some! Pouring it in will allow it to breach all the cracks and crevasses that the milk was able to get into.

    6. Kelly_f_1999 says:

      Car wash
      air freshener
      clean car
      open windows
      lift carpet clean mat under it