How Do I Get Rid Of The Gross Smell In My Car

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Last week I spilled a coffee in my car, trying to cover up the smell I just used the perfume in my car, and then bought a new air freshener. Too many smells!!! How can I make it smell clean again? Any one know any really good air fresheners? (I’ve already tried leaving the windows down while my car is in the garage but it seems like it only worked for a day or so and then the smell came back, febreze didn’t help much and neither did vaccuming) It seems like all of these are only tempory solutions…any good ideas?

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    1. Loscandalous says:

      You need to getto the actual source……find the “stain” and clean that out first………then febreeze it……..

      febreeze ELIMINATES odor by bonding to the aromatic molecules and evaporating it away……..perfumes and air freshners only mask the smell

    2. Floop says:

      At the car wash they should have a shampoo deal going, its kinda expensive though so just keep your car clean and keep the window cracked it will eventually go away after a couple more weeks.

    3. Dancing_in_the_hail says:

      Take it to a local full-service car wash and have the interior carpets and seats shampooed. That is the only way the smell is going to come out. It will cost about 60 bucks…but no more stench!

    4. Mary O says:

      I have a great solution, it works get a bag of charcoal put a few in a paper bag and leave it opened up sit it under a seat or if no one else gets in the back seat just sit the bag on the floor.charcoal absorbed and draws the odor out you can also use in your refrigerator under a sink or anywhere you have bad smells.

    5. Alan M says:

      Go to an auto detailer and get your interior shampooed

    6. Kostagh says:

      First of all try see if there’s not any remnants of that coffee under the rugs or in any other place.
      Second, get OUST it’s a spray used for “destroying smell” in places like kitchens or bathrooms. It’ll dissolve the smell in your car. Have used it to eliminate the smell of fresh car in my car when I bought it. Worked like a charm even when I had to “evacuate” the stinch of dog pooh brought in by my niece (she brought a stray dog she found at the mall and it… did something on my carpet – she had to clean it but the smell remained – b.t.w. my niece is 19 and I lend her my car from time to time).
      Of course, you can always try some of them smell absorbers that are used for refrigerators. They contain active carbon that will “suck” away the smell.

    7. Bryan H says:


    8. J.r. says:

      Clean up all the messes you have already made, then go to Try this stuff. It is a little expensive, but it works every time. It will even get old pet urine odors out of carpet. I do not work for these people, so this is not “spam”. I have just used the product and know it works. A lot of landlords/apartment managers use this to clean up after their “special” renters.