Why Might My Headlights Be Dim On My Car

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We’ve changed the bulbs, checked the groundings and the switches and the battery is fine, is there anything else it might be?
The car is a ’93 honda civic sedan. Thanks! All suggestions welcome!

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    1. Bill says:

      Low battery

    2. Will S says:

      Have the alternator checked, also the belt tension.

    3. 5150 says:


    4. Steve S says:

      If you live in a cold environment the covers might be fogging up or you wiring is just poor

    5. *aka* Jip says:

      Prob dirty light windows…have someone take them off and clean them…or get new bulbs

    6. Special K says:

      The battery is low

    7. Shilo_54 says:


    8. Somebody H says:

      Are the covers filled with water? Are they dirty or tinted? Check with a mechanic who can see it in person. Also could be the alternator.

    9. Nikkichik93 says:


    10. Skipperbabyyy says:

      Well your car isn’t exactly up to date
      and they’re probably like they’re supposed to be
      they seem dim to you because of the new cars you see on the road today and how bright their lights are.
      that’s what I’m thinking lol
      and btw are you beams on high or low??

    11. Oldwolf1951 says:

      Checked the lens too? Might be dirt on the inside of it.
      If it’s the alternator your battery would not be charging. Check that by seeing if you are getting 12 volts going in to it from the regulator or computer. In my case the battery would not charge and the lights would dim. We checked a wire coming from the car’s computer to the alternator and found the voltage was under 12 volts. Had to replace the computer.

    12. Shibi says:

      It could be fuse-related. Have you looked into the fuses? Have you checked the headlight’s plastic? The front plastic ages and can dim the light from the bulbs. You may also have condensation in the headlamp housing.

    13. Zachary K says:

      Check your altinater that might be the problem.

    14. Gerhard S says:

      Take a torch and shine it into the reflectors at nighttime- if the are not absolutely clear, they might need replacing, they are quite old on a ’93model, you recognize the condition by the somewhat hazy, cloudy eflection.!

    15. Odie442 says:

      Did you check to make sure the lights are level. There are adjusting screws above the light housing under the hood. best to pull up to a wall and see if your light are tilted up higher than normal. Also if you are running your A/C or heater at full the power drain through the alternator could cause the lights to dim.

    16. Robert And Sandra C says:

      Flip the dimmer switch just joking change the lense

    17. Boo says:

      Your alternator could be bad get it checked.

    18. Razlan says:

      Does your car have daytime running lamps?
      Check the daytime lamp module!

    19. Chris H says:

      Check for a bad ground to the headlights first. That’s the most common problem if they ground in the same place.

    20. Mrlh1423 says:

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