Why Does My H13 Halogen Bulb Keep Going Out……..

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I put on my ’06 Mustang. When I first installed it, it worked fine. Then I turned off the vehicle and turned it back on,and it stopped working. So I took it back and got another one and it did the same thing again. The passenger side works just fine, but the driver side won’t. When I put the factory bulbs back in they both work just fine. I compared both of the halogen bulbs and it doesnt seem to blown. Your help is greatly appreciated thanks.

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    1. Roc/wla says:

      Qu ? are you running led lights or other kind of neon junk like that i say kunk just like plug in stuff theres youre prob and if you runn the old lights mixed with your new ones try that bo lite on the side that works ?? you got a power draw some-where from the trunk to cig lighter — seriously wheres thers a light you can see w/ up but, first see if head light is blown swap it you got the tools you done it b-4 ? good luck

    2. "not Today, Zurg!" says:

      Loose grounds require help to make their connection.

      They usually demand that help from the Positive side.

      Thus you are pulling more amps then needed -through- the electrical device on the positive side to help get back to the weak ground.

      Once the ground is helped, a surge of excess electricity is present …an now an instant excessive connection happens , it’s those surges,what fry the components out.

      Check the contacts of the connector …..make sure they are springy tight to the bulbs contacts.
      A sharp jewelers pick is nice to delicately tighten them up with a few plucks.
      If the connectors on the harness are burnt At All replace the connector….plastic expands under heat

      Otherwise, find the grounds on that side of the harness, clean them up with a wire brush then reattach them …..everyone you can find…..clean the contacts and reassemble them.

      Learning how to use an ohm meter will tell you what side of polarity has the weak connection.

      Halogen bulbs are usually higher wattage and higher heat …..at the lenses, and the wire carrying the current being demanded…….your factory harness is designed for a certain amp draw. anything more and your hopefully busting fuses till the short is found.

      People melt very expensive clear plastic headlight lenses after tossing in those various “better” bulbs too.