Turn Signal Not Working On 2000 Honda Civic

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I recently just got Cindy, my 2000 Honda Civic, back from the body shop. She has a little bit of front end collision damage, and they needed to give her a new left headlight. It was working fine for a bit, but now whenever I try and put my left turn signal on, the blinker doesn’t actually work, and the indicator on the dash goes on and off extremely rapidly.

Is there a quick fix for this, like a loose wire, or do I need to drive her all the way back to the shop on Monday to have her looked at?

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    1. Dodge Man says:

      Its probably the bulb in it that’s bad or it isn’t making good contact,that too will also make it flash faster on the inside but not flash at all on the outside,good luck on it.

    2. carparts21 says:

      change the signal bulb…

    3. carparts21 says:

      the rapid clicking indicates it’s most likely the bulb, or the control module for the 4-ways.

    4. carparts21 says:

      ummm…. all you need to do is check the bulbs. Whenever a turn signal bulb is out, the car lets you know by making the dash turn signal flash rapidly like that. It could be either the front or back turn signal on that side thats causing this problem. There is no need to take it back to the shop.