Starter Problems. Car Makes One Loud Click And Wont Start.

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I have a 1999 Honda Civic Si and recently put in a new battery. Just a few days after installing the battery I am having trouble getting my car to turn over. All it does is make a single loud click and nothing happens. I know it isnt the battery because i have full power to the car headlights, radio, etc. Also the Altenator is fairly new, just about 3 years old. Any suggestions as to if i need to get a whole new starter or just replace the starter relay?

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    1. Jeff Rager says:

      I would check all of your connections first, after that if everything is ok, take the starter and relay to the auto parts store and have them load tested. That should tell you the problem.

    2. Mustanger says:

      The starter is the heaviest current user in the car. Before you start replacing things try disconnecting the battery cables and taking a wire brush to the posts and connectors until they’re shiny bright. The connections will build up oxide, over time even though they aren’t corroded and the oxide cuts down on the current available to the starter. I’ve cured more no/hard start problems, than I can count, with a wire brush.

    3. Shirley says:

      If battery s good will need complete starter,the click is the solinoid working