How Do You Change The Headlight On A 2007 GMC Sierra Pickup

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My low beam went out and I bought a replacement but I cant seem to get to the housing to replace the bulb. any suggestions?

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    1. Poecilotheria Metallica Keeper says:

      Look in your owners manual and it will tel you the steps. Here are some basic instructions :remove the blocking parts, remove retaining ring, remove bulb and wiring, Reverse to install. Avoid touching the bulb with your fingers as the oils from your skin can cause hot spots so remove any finger prints with alcohol.

    2. Victor B says:

      Open the hood looking down at the top of the radiator support you will see two metal rods that go down through the support and through the head lamp assembly. turn the l shaped top out from under the retainer and lift them up and out. Now the headlamp should be free to pull out to get to the back of the assembly.