Headlights Not Working On 2002 Honda Civic

I had planned on going out Saturday night to a party. However, when I go into my car and tried to turn my lights on, only my corner lights would come on, no matter what I did. I tried turning the switch to headlights and pushing it forward to turn on the brights, but that didn’t work either and the light in the dash signifying the brights are on didn’t come on either.

The next morning I tried again and the lights came on this time. However I was getting in my car to go to work early this morning and they wouldn’t come on AGAIN. So I waited until there was enough light outside to drive safely and had to make a stop to get gas. When I cranked my car this time, the lights came on no problem.

So is it a fuse that I need to replace or do you think my switch may be going bad?

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